Getting out of a funk

good time

I go through weeks where everything is going well. Work is going smoothly and all my projects are under control. I’ve got nothing major that I can’t do and I’ve written a good piece for the Big Issue. My workouts at the gym are on schedule and I haven’t had to miss a session due to a work commitment or a health issue. In fact, my balance may have improved and I haven’t complained about lifting weights. That’s a major event and something to write home about! Then everything at my apartment is fine and I am pinching myself every morning because I can’t believe how lucky I am to be living there.

Lastly, there’s my health. When I’m going through this period, my health is also very good. No major falls, no major periods of weakness. I’m drinking and eating enough and keeping up with all my doctor appointments as well.

I love it when I’m going through a period like this. I get this urge to dance and sometimes when I’m in the car and a song I love comes up on the radio I scream a long to it and hope no one sees me. Ever had one of those moments? How great are they!

bad time

So, it’s a bit of a shock to the system when suddenly something goes wrong. It could be a bad workout at the gym, when my balance wavers and I don’t have enough energy to finish my workout. Or it could be getting an infection out of nowhere and it taking months to heal. Or it could be a new project that pops up that has to be completed by the end of the week that in reality would take a few weeks to complete (if only you could focus on that one project and ignore every other task you have).

I find when these things happen I freak out for a little while and by freaking out I mean I have a minor, minor panic attack, I get this huge urge to unburden myself to the closest person around and then I kind of ignore the situation for a bit – it could be a couple of days or a week.

The thing is, after I have these upsets, I usually get myself back on track. I sit myself down and give myself a talking-to; “Come on, Tully, things could be worse. Get your butt into gear and just do it.” And then I do it and I feel good again. It may be a small thing, like writing a To Do List or making an appointment with my GP to have a check-up or listening to music as I write a rant for the Big Issue (just like this)!



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