Painting my dreams

For the past 5 years I have been attending a night time education school where I have been taking painting classes. Over the years people have come and gone (and come back again). I have missed a term or two due to either going away or not having the time.

I think I started painting because I finished my university degree and was a little lost. I didn’t have a job and most of my friends were either working, studying or getting married. I needed to meet new people and do something constructive.

I chose painting despite having bad fine motor control skills. Maybe I’m a sucker for punishment or maybe I thought there would some good looking arty types there. Whatever the reason was, I took the plunge and signed up.

When I started I mainly painted flowers and landscapes, copying them from photos and books. I used oil paints because I had been told that it took longer to dry and it was easier to fix mistakes. My flowers were always sloppy and I smudged all the edges. I wanted them to look real but they always looked like look pictures from kids books.

I moved on to acrylic paints and abstract paintings. I realised that my shaky movements added character to my paintings. I found that my confidence was building and so I became brave enough to interpret designs. I became so brave that I decided to try a different technique. I moved on to the palette knife where once again my fine motor control was put to the test!

5 years on, I am still attending the art school and I still have the same teacher. She believes in me and every time I doubt myself, she pushes me to keep on going.

Also, despite the age difference, a lot of the students have formed a bond. Sometimes we go out for lunch and drinks and laugh for a while. We also take the time to look at each other’s artwork and give each other feedback.

My paintings are piling up and looking for a home. So, if you’re interested, find me on my blog and I can send you some photos!


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