Happy New Year

2014 was crazy busy and boy did I grow because of it. So really I should have loads to say but instead I just draw a blank. This was somewhat deliberate as for the past two weeks I have been taking it easy. I have discovered a couple of things that have really helped me unwind. Now that I am working Monday to Friday I really appreciate public holidays and the break at the end of the year. It’s nice to not have to wake up early and head off to the office. It’s nice not having to do paperwork, not having deadlines and not having to attend meetings.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love what I do. I get on with the people I work with and I am so happy that I get to help people. I’ve especially loved this year because I have reached so many people and raised awareness on issues that people with a disability face every day.

When it came to the holiday season, my end of year break consisted of very little. When I didn’t have to get up for the gym or an appointment I switched off my alarm and slept in until as late as 11am.

I was able to switch off my brain and focus on pure enjoyment. When I say enjoyment, sure that included going out and catching up with friends.

But I also indulged myself and discovered the worst thing possible – d grade reality tv. Because my life was so busy last year and I tried lots of new, stimulating things, I believe that reality tv was a great a way to calm myself down and stopped me from thinking about real life and work.

When I wasn’t watching reality tv I turned to a new craze, a podcast series called Serial. A radio producer looked into a murder that occurred in 1999. Despite someone being accused of the crime, according to the show there was, and is, enough evidence to prove that the prisoner may be innocent. This made for mind-gripping, wonderfully distracting stimulation!

So the last two weeks were spent doing things I love to do, but the thing is I couldn’t zone out and for too long because then my body will start to shut down. My legs will stop listening to me and so my walking will deteriorate and then I will have to retrain my body. My brain would again feel the urge to write and exert more effort than staring at the faces on the tv screen.

Because I only had two weeks off I took advantage of it. I let myself go because soon I will have to get my butt into gear for the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone!


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