New Year’s Resolutions

Every year’s end I make a list of resolutions. They’re usually the same old: be healthy, go out more, find a partner, work harder, find a place to live etc. The thing is, last year was so successful that I actually achieved them all! Amazing, right? So this month I’ve mulled over how to enhance them.

I finally found a beautiful apartment, the perfect size for me in the most convenient location. And it has perfect access– hey, gotta love underground parking and a lift! Every day I think how lucky I am to call this apartment my home and love it even more the following day. It represents my independence, something that I have long strived for.

However while the apartment is almost perfect I think it still needs a little more of my personality. While I have put in some of my own paintings, photos, spectacular digital art and unique pieces of furniture, it still lacks something.

So while I have fulfilled the resolution of finding my own place, this year’s resolution is to ‘tullyise’ some more. Perhaps more paintings, getting shelving in my study, buying a comfortable chair for the balcony or having a couple of parties that may put a dent in one of my walls. Hmmm?

Last year I met a lot of new people through both social media and work. These relationships have taught me new things that have helped me develop my knowledge base on different matters, including technology, marketing, yummy cocktails and sweet potato chips.

Working a full week was tiring last year but I made an effort to go out afterwards for drinks or dinner. This gave me a chance to socialise more and build my confidence. While I found it exhausting, I loved every moment of it and I look forward to doing it even more this year.

Every year I make a resolution to meet a ‘special’ someone. I think I do that because of social expectations. But I finally realised that could just be my own perception and I really needed to get over it.

Anyway, last year I opened myself up to new experiences and accordingly I met some new and very lovely people. While I may not be settling down any time soon, I am enjoying the ride.

Lastly, my health, and by this, I really mean my chronic illness. This is the hardest resolution of all because if I focused on this then my other resolutions would have been totally neglected. So last year my goal was to find a balance between work, play and health. And guess what, when I saw my neuro physio recently she informed me that not only I hadn’t deteriorated, but on the contrary had improved. So maybe I had finally achieved that resolution and I just have to keep doing what I’m doing.

As you can see, 2014 was a pretty amazing year for me on so many levels that I really can’t see how I can top it this year. With this in mind, I’m not going to share this year’s resolutions until the beginning of 2016. However I’ll let you in on two of them. Cocktails and sweet potato chips remain high on the list.


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