Manolo Blahnik and my walking frame

I’ve never really been into fashion. While I like clothes and don’t mind compliments about my gear, I don’t care for labels and I rarely go out to shop.

Cramped racks are difficult to manoeuvre for a person with a walking frame. And dressing rooms are often too small and many don’t have sitting facilities.

However shoes are quite a different matter!

Shoes are awesome and make the outfit!

Nothing looks better than a tight fitted three quarter length skirt with an off-white work shirt tucked in and finished off with a pair of fine black high heels.

Then there’s the look of tight denim jeans, midriff black singlet above and a very high pair of red high heels below.

But no can do, as I need shoes that are flat, sturdy and tight to keep me stable. Ok, most women probably can’t really walk in high heels, but most can wear fancy flats without any support. But I can’t wear those either.

No, I don’t possess hundreds of pairs of sturdy shoes to choose from; just two pairs of shoes that are somewhat clunky with slight heels. My dressing room flaunts a red pair and a black pair that are pretty enough, but more importantly keep me upright. I also have one pair of black boots to wear when I have to attend a function or perhaps a party where I may want to make a good impression.

However I don’t think I have ever received a compliment about my footwear, (unless you count one from an aunty, hardly a big deal). Sometimes when I’m getting dressed I look at those two pairs of shoes (and my boots – don’t forget the boots!) and think, “here I go again”. And then I fantasise about what I might wear instead, if it were possible.

I look at women in beautiful, impossibly high stilettos, brightly coloured or patterned and I think how I would look so much better in those shoes. Then I imagine what outfit I would wear with them and even go so far as to think how I would have my hair: perhaps up, maybe down, curly, possibly straight.

But after going through that fantasy I realise that if I were to dress like that I wouldn’t be living my life. I wouldn’t be unique, a woman with a bod I’m happy with, with feet securely encased in indie shoes. And I kinda like that version of me.

So I’m sticking with my two pairs of clunky shoes until I wear them out and have to buy new ones. Hopefully there’ll be a new colour range by then and, dream of dreams, with a Manolo Blahnik kind of twist that actually work for me.


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