Confidant in the city

Recently I watched an episode of Girls. This is an American series set in New York based around the friendship of four friends who met in college. I’ve also rediscovered Sex and the City, another series set in New York focusing on four 30-plus women who have been friends for so long that they consider themselves family.

In Sex and the City, the friends fight and get pretty angry at each other. They sleep with each other’s boyfriends, insult each other, ignore each other. But what I realised is that at the end of the day they still love each other.
They are still able to turn to each other in time of crisis. It’s the exact same premise for Girls except these girls are ten years younger than Carrie and her friends.

What I’ve noticed about these two groups of friends is that they talk a lot and they talk about a lot. They share their sex stories, relationship woes, drug issues, family problems. Everything. Watching these shows has made me reflect on my friendships throughout my life. It has actually given me the drive to talk to my old friends from primary and high school.

When I was in primary school I thought I never really had a core group of friends. I was the kid that tagged along and never went to parties. Talking to them now, they saw things differently. They considered me one of their good friends. They remembered when I wore my back brace and talking intimately about it.

In high school I had a couple of good friends that I could talk to but I don’t really remember telling them all my little secrets. This realisation made me curious enough to contact old friends. Some of the people I talked to remembered being close friends with me and said we often confided in each other. Some even thought of me as a very good friend of theirs.

Going down memory lane has made me realise that I did have good friends throughout my life, and indeed I confided in them the tales of my childhood. It has also made me realise that I now have my own group of friends that I can talk to about anything. I just didn’t realise it until my life became a little more interesting.


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