The Other Me

Someone mentioned to me recently that I shouldn’t define myself by my disability. And I know that they are right. Indeed there is much more to me than that.

Some of you may not know that I like to cook. I’m not amazing, but I’m pretty good. I love to make a hearty bolognaise, or a juicy rack of lamb with lots of roast vegetables. I love to experiment with my recipes and rarely follow one. I like making meals for friends because I like to see the pleasure in their faces as they eat.

Not only do I like to cook, but I like to eat out at different restaurants. I like to take in the beauty of the presentation of the dish and combine the flavours with a good glass of wine. I take lots of photos of meals and share the beauty with others.

I also like going to the movies and eating junk food. I don’t have a particular genre that I like. Sometimes I am in the mood for a comedy, or sometimes I like watching heavy movies. When I watch movies I escape reality and forget the bad stuff. Lately I’ve been watching a tv series from beginning to end, such as Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. Game of Thrones is pure escapism whilst Sex and the City I totally relate to and compare it to my life.

When I’m not watching movies and tv, I am reading books written by John Locke. John Locke has a series based around a character named Donovan Creed. He works for Homeland Security and is an assassin on the side. Oh, he is also very good looking and always has a beautiful young woman by his side. The books are pure trash but so much fun and great when you go away on a holiday.

This brings me to my last interest – travelling. Five years ago I travelled to New York and since then I have the travel bug. Last year I went to New Zealand and Bali and this year I am off to New York again. Planning my trips is always fun and exciting and I love hearing other people’s tips.

If you need a recommendation for a movie, or need an idea for a dinner party or if you have and travel trips, don’t be afraid to drop me a line and maybe we can help each other out.

So really, I may have a disability and work in the disability sector, but there is more to me than that. I am not my disability. When you see someone in a scooter, a wheelchair or a walking frame ordering a coffee next to you, don’t offer to help them. Rather, maybe you can try and get to know them. They may be interested in the same things as you!


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