Feeling Vulnerable

Tuesday was a big day for me.

Why was it a big day for me? Well, that was the day my rental scooter showed up. I decided to use a scooter while here. I thought it would make things easier and quicker.

Clever thinking, right? Well hold on to your seatbelts. You’re in for a bumpy ride.

When my friend and I arrived back at the hotel the scooter was waiting at reception. It was fully charged and ready to go.

We were excited and ready to hit Times Square.

All was fine until I zipped across a street and got caught on the curb. I was stuck and my friend had to push me off the curb.

I was then stuck. Stuck in the middle of the footpath as dozens of people kept walking by. I tried turning the engine off and on but it just wouldn’t start.

People kept walking past us, not blinking, and I wanted to lose it.

And I nearly did. I nearly decided to throw in the towel and return the scooter. However, if I did that I wouldn’t be able to make the most of my trip. I would spend most of my time waiting for cabs or resting from all the walking. I would regret my time here in NYC.

Eventually the scooter started up again but I did break down a couple more times.

Now I finally have a scooter that works. Sometimes it gets caught on dips but usually someone pushes me up.

The scooter has empowered me to make the most of my trip. I have made my way to Bryant Park, taken the bus to Central Park and taken an accessible cab to the Financial district!

And I’m loving every minute of it!

If you’re planning a trip here and you want to rent a scooter or wheelchair, check out Big Apple Mobility at https://www.bigapplemobility.com/?gclid=COvakYGu7cUCFYsXHwodlBcA9A


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