Time for a change!

I enjoy using the creative side of my brain.

Whilst I love being a social worker and I have grown in knowledge, as a person, as a Customer Rights and Empowerment Practitioner with Yooralla over the last five years, I have always wanted to pursue a career that inspires my creative side. I have been given the chance to achieve this dream and I am excited to commence a new role within the Marketing and Communications team at Yooralla.

Through my work I learnt about the barriers people with disability may face every day and the processes to apply for government funding. I have learnt about people’s fears and daily worries trough my work. I have worked with people unable to speak up for themselves, empower themselves and who required support to speak up. I have also seen some very brave and capable people ready to take a stand and fight for what they want. Every one who has crossed my path in this role has required some support or information for them to achieve and I was lucky enough to provide those things.

I have loved my work and I plan to keep doing it, just in a different way. I would like to thank those people who have supported me through this journey and who will continue this great work.

As I take my first steps in my new journey, armed with the knowledge that I can still work with the great people at Yooralla but this time I get to share their amazing stories through writing and public speaking. I can’t wait for this new chapter of my life to begin!


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