Time to celebrate!

Last year was a crazy year filled with two jobs, looking after my health and of course having a social life. By the end of the year I was exhausted and needed a rest. I think i even wrote a blog post about my lazy two weeks. It was bliss but when I returned to work it took some time for my body to get back into gear.

When I finally got my body back in order I then went off to New York City where I spent two and a half weeks zipping around in my rental scooter. I did some walking but the majority of my trip was spent on a very comfortable scooter seat.

Once I returned from my big adventure in NYC I went straight back to work and then took a week off before I started my new role. My body used that week to crash and reboot.

Since then I have returned to gym three days a week. I have been focusing on my balance, my core strength and getting up from a seated position without using my hands too much. I have amazing upper body strength but my lower half needs a lot of work.

Having spent the last month and a half back in my routine I thought it would be a good idea to have a check-up with my neuro-physio. I wanted to make sure that my hard work was paying off and that I wasn’t deteriorating.

Walking into her room is always a treat because I know she is watching me and assessing my movements. I was extra aware of her this time around and I didn’t want to let her down.

After an hour of my physio prodding me and having me sit and stand over and over I got the news. My movements were smoother than last year and my balance had improved. Of course I still have room to improve and Scarlett isn’t going anywhere but I haven’t deteriorated.

Familial Dysautonomia is degenerative. This is something I live with every day. So when my neuro physio tells me that I have improved I can’t help but be in shock. If I keep at it I hope to maintain the ability that I have for as long as I can.

I’m thankful to my parents and my trainer Carl. They push me to keep on going and look after my health. I may be a very determined person but if I didn’t have that support behind me I don’t think I would be the way I am today.


4 thoughts on “Time to celebrate!

  1. Well done and as I follow you and your blog I am in awe of your and your progress. YOu have inspired me and thank you for that. We have met, only once unfortunately, and you are true to your words. Thank you and take care, regards Judy

  2. Your commitment to your fitness is commendable and obviously paying off. And you are so fortunate to have Carl as your trainer!

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