You’re not alone

I have days where I spend hours on my own. I could be watching the latest season of Veep or Game of Thrones. I could be colouring in pictures – my new hobby. I could be reading a book – anything from a trashy novel to an autobiography. Whatever I could be doing I would be on my own for hours without talking to anyone.  

Usually when I do this I am ok. I might break up the activity by doing the laundry or checking out facebook and  by doing these things I’m usually ok.

The reason why I do it is because I need to rest after a long week at work or after a busy Saturday. I rest so I can recharge my batteries for the next day. However, sometimes when I do this I’m not ok. Spending a lot of time on my own I can end up thinking about dark things – things that I don’t really want to share on here but it can make me sad. 
 My sadness can disappear pretty quickly because I can put on a song and it will make me smile and after singing a long to the music I can move on. Or sometimes I will think about a happy experience or a good friend and I will realise that everything will be ok because I’m not alone.

 I am very lucky that I can get out of these moods. I am lucky that I can distract myself.

However there are some people who reach a point where there’s no way out. They can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and they think they don’t have anyone to talk to.
I’ve realised over the last few months that there is always someone out there for you. It may be the person sitting next to you at work, or the barista who has served you coffee for the last few years. It could be your neighbour who yells out hello when they see you. It could also be your dentist. Of course they can’t solve all your problems but they can possibly cheer you up and give you that motivation to keep on going and get help.
Talk to someone – let it out because while it’s helping you it may just also help them too. 
Please take care of yourselves and know there’s help out there. 
Today is R U Ok? Day. It’s a day to take the time out to ask your friends, family members, co-workers, or even your neighbour how they are doing. Give it a shot – you never know what kind of a difference you can make.


One thought on “You’re not alone

  1. Dearest Tully.
    Wishing you and your family a healthy New Year. Full of happiness and beauty.
    Wish that you never feel alone…
    Love, Nily Katriel {Your dad’s cousin }

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