Bringing in the new year

Earlier this year I took a left hand turn when I had been following the same path for a number of years. I did this because I realised I needed a change in my life. I needed a chance to focus on myself. Deciding to focus on myself meant stepping outside of my comfort zone and tackling something new.

I took on a career path that was completely foreign to me, thinking that I could handle it. In reality, I probably could have taken it on if I had the opportunity to focus on each task individually. However this wasn’t possible and so the multitasking got the better of me. It led to stress, loss of appetite and panic attacks. It also made me realize that following your dreams isn’t always the best option.

This realization led me to making a huge life decision. I had been at my previous organisation for nearly six years – enough time for me to make firm friends with the people I work with, connect with my clients and for the building to feel like a second home.

I had worked out the building to a tee along with the outer surroundings around it.I had found my favourite cafe, my favourite snack place and the waffle shop. I had worked out the perfect place to park my car when I was running on time and when I was running late.

However, leaving that part of my life behind gave me the opportunity to take a little time to think about my next step. It allowed me to think about things outside of work and what I want to do with my future.

By taking that time out, I was able to make some decisions about what I want to do next with my life, one of which was finding a job in the advocacy space in an organisation where the passion is still fresh and the opportunities are immense.

Next year is going to be an exciting one, filled with many more challenges, new hurdles, new friends and hopefully some exciting times.

But for now, it’s time for me to sit down on my couch and take some time out to prepare for the new year.


4 thoughts on “Bringing in the new year

  1. I’ve discovered in the last few months that no matter how much you want something, sometimes your body’s limitations set the bar for how far you can go with them. Happy New Year, and good luck with whatever you decide to do next 🙂

  2. Good luck to you, and great new year filled with good health and much happiness. Love always, Nily and Harry Katriel – Miami

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